Survey - Demam Denggi

Tarikh : 14/1/09 (Rabu) @ 7.00mlm
Tempat : TNS, Kuala Lumpur
Bahasa : English
Jantina : Perempuan /Lelaki
Umur : 41 - 45
Token : RM 100.00
Kriteria : Pernah kena demam Denggi pada 12 bulan lepas atau 36 bulan lepas

Berminat Sila SMS Maklumat Peribadi Seperti Nama Penuh, No. K/P & Alamat Ke : 016-2774716 atau Email

p/s : Please be informed that we are looking for respondent who have been infected with dengue in the past 12 month or past 36 months. We are doing for London Pharmaceutical company and the moderator will come from London hence the discussion will be conduction in English. Respondent need not to be having the London slang but able to speak understandable English and it will be ok for this group.

Please record down where respondent comes from as they (client) would want to generate target area later on. Please also submit in the unsuccessful interview (respondent unable to speak English, below or above age quota, refuse to come) as we need to record the data of those who have been infected in term of ratio percentage.

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Anonymous said...

i pernah kena denggi dulu tapi dah lama dah (lebihkurang 18tahun dulu le..)

Ieta said...

uish lama sgt...tu...diaorg nak dlam 36 bulan / 12 bulan lepas je...tapi if nak adjust boleh je...

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