Survey Untuk Ubat Berenti Merokok

We are currently doing a research study on Quitting Smoking

Who Are We Looking For?

Male or Female
Malaysian Only
Age 18 and above
Current user of Champix Or ex-user OF Champix
Veneu : Mid Valley
Date : By Appointment
Languange : Bahasa and English
Incentive : RM 100
Interested : Call Asrina Shaari 017-3219623

What is Champix

Champix is a new generation smoking treatement manufactured by Pfizer. It is prescription medication which can help even the most addicted smokers get off the habit. Champix contains the active ingredient varenicline tartrate which ia a nicotine receptor antogonist. Varenicline attaches itself to those receptors in the brain that are normally used by nicotine and thereby fools the brain into thinking that it has received a dosage of nicotine. This satisfies the urge for a cigarette without the brain actually being fed nicotine. In other words, if fulfills the craving for a cigarette without being one.

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